Tecsun PL-660 FM/ MW / LW / SW SSB / AIR band (118~137 MHz) Móttakari

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  • Gríðaröflugur og næmur móttakari
  • Dual conversion IF
  • SSB – Single Side Band móttaka
  • Air-Band

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 Worldwide FM band coverage from 76MHz to 108MHz 

  • Shortwave single-sideband (SSB) with upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB) 
  • Synchronous detection and dual conversion technology are applied on AM band. (Major improvement on  receiver’s sensitivity, selectivity, anti-inter-modulation, and channel interference)
  • External antenna jack for FM/SW
  • 3 levels sensitivity selector (High / Medium / Low)

Multi-Tuning Methods:

  •          Auto Tuning Storage (ATS)
  •          Auto Scan Tuning with 5 seconds Pre-listening function
  •          Manual Tuning
  •          Direct keypad Entry


Store up to 2000 stations (manually, semi-automatic and fully automatic)

          -100 memories for FM / AM / Long wave / Air Band

          -200 memories for Shortwave

          -200 memories for SSB

          -1200 memories for various bands (12 pages x 100 memories)

Acoustic speaker with treble / bass tone control switch (FM Stereo via earphone)

         Easy to use with multi-functional control knob, which is for setting timer, frequency tuning, 

            select the page and memory

 Dual timer to turn on the preset radio station.


Product Description:
1.FM stereo, MW, LW,SWand SSB
2.High sensitivity; good selectivity and anti image interference
3.Multi-functional digital tuning knob for time setting, frequency modulating, memory page and address selecting
4.Can memorize 2000 radio channels
5.FM 76-108MHz for FM frequency in China, US, Japan and Europe; can receive some campus radio and TV sound; FM stereo with the help of earphone
6.Loudspeaker with good quality and high sensitivity; Treble / Bass Tone Control to meet different needs
7.Intelligent power switch: auto shutdown 1-120 minutes since power on
8.Six Tuning Modes: manual tuning ; Auto scan tuning ; Memory pre-setting manual scan tuning
 *Memory pre-setting auto scan tuning ; Memory pre-setting address direct entry tuning
 *Frequency direct entry tuning
9.Charge batteries via USB charger or connecting to a computer
Power Supply:
4 AA Batteries (not included)
6V DC (adapter not included)
1, Frequency range
FM : 87.0 – 108.0MHz (Japan and Russia not included)
87.5-108.0 (Germany)
76.0-108.0 (Japan)
MW : 520 – 1710kHz
SW : 1711 – 29999kHz
LW : 100 – 519kHz
AIR: 118-137MHz
2, Sensitivity:
  • FM <3uV
  • MW < 1mV/m
  • LW <5mV/m
  • SW < 20uV
  • AIR <5uV
í kassanum,:
  • 1 x Original New PL-660 Radio
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x  user manual
  • 1 x Stereo headphones
  • 1 x external antenna
  • 1 x protective sleeve